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Julie Lythcott-Haims

  • Primary Approved
  • 16th District , california

Julie Lythcott-Haims is an educator, lawyer, former Stanford Dean, Palo Alto Councilmember, and author. In 2021, Assemblyman Marc Berman named Lythcott-Haims Woman of the Year, and in 2023, the NAACP of Silicon Valley cited her as Legislator of the Year.

In addition to her elected office, Lythcott-Haims serves on the nonprofit board of Black Women’s Health Imperative, on the Board of Trustees at California College of the Arts, and on the advisory boards of LeanIn.Org, Sir Ken Robinson Foundation and Baldwin For the Arts. Lythcott-Haims is a New York Times best-selling author, and has published three nonfiction books on human development, including How to Raise an Adult, Real American: A Memoir, and Your Turn: How to Be an Adult.

Lythcott-Haims has committed to supporting J Street’s values in Congress. She has said that “Reading the Haggadah for [her] first Passover Seder at [her mother in law’s] house, [she] came to see the many similarities between the long journey of Jews to find safety and belonging, and the parallel journey of the African diaspora.” Lythcott-Haims “understand[s] the Israeli government’s impulse to strike back in response to a terrorist attack...And Israel must defend itself from terrorism. Yet indiscriminate attacks on civilians in their homes is inhumane.” She believes that a “two-state solution [is] the only path to lasting peace,” and has pledged to oppose actions that make peace harder, like settlement expansion and annexation.

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