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Peter Dixon

  • Primary Approved
  • 16th District , california

Peter Dixon is an entrepreneur and veteran with a strong record of public service and leadership. Dixon joined the Marine Corps after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. His commitment to service then led him to the Pentagon, where he spearheaded initiatives integrating disruptive technologies into the military. His expertise in combating corruption led to his recruitment to Hillary Clinton’s State Department during the Obama Administration, where he worked with non-profits and the Federales to work against cartel violence in Mexico. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Dixon is the co-founder and former CEO of Second Front Systems, a cybersecurity company that brings commercial tech to the U.S. government. Dixon is now running to fill the CA-16 seat after the retirement of J Street champion, Representative Anna Eshoo. 

Dixon has committed to supporting J Street’s values in Congress. He believes that “pragmatic engagement and coalition-building, not ideology and unilateralism, drive diplomatic progress and global security.” He has pledged to “oppose any policies undermining pluralistic, non-discriminatory democracies and respect for the rule of law that form the bedrock of the US-Israel partnership.” During his time in the military, he worked hand and hand with the IDF, and also had operational of a Palestinian refugee camp in Iraq where he “witnessed the hardships of the Palestinian people firsthand.” Dixon supports continued security aid to Israel along with humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. He believes that a “two-state peace remains essential and achievable with bold leadership on both sides and international partners.”


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