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Delia Ramirez

  • Endorsed
  • 3rd District, illinois

J Street-backed progressive champion Delia Ramirez was elected in 2022 to represent Northwestern Chicago and parts of DuPage County in the House.

An accomplished state legislator, Ramirez campaigned for her newly created seat on a platform of economic justice, a just foreign policy and expanded housing access. As a daughter of undocumented immigrants, Ramirez will place "repairing our broken immigration system" atop her legislative agenda.  

Congresswoman Ramirez is a champion of J Street’s values and priorities. She has publicly stated that a “permanent two-state solution that allows Israeli and Palestinians to live in peace and security in viable and prosperous states which respect the democratic, civil and economic rights of all peoples.” Ramirez has said that she supported President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, which verifiably blocked Iran's path to nuclear weapons, and will continue to be committed to curbing Iran’s nuclear activities and other threatening behavior through diplomacy.

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