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Lanon Baccam

  • Endorsed
  • 3rd District, iowa

Lanon Baccam is running in Iowa to unseat Republican incumbent, Zach Nunn. Baccam was born in rural Iowa to parents that immigrated from Laos. At age 17, Baccam enlisted in the Iowa National Guard. In 2004 he was deployed to Afghanistan as a combat engineer. Following his service, Baccam graduated from Drake University and worked for the US Department of Agriculture. 

Baccam is now running for Congress in Iowa to work for access to good-paying jobs, affordable health care, the ability to retire with dignity and protection of women’s reproductive freedoms.

Baccam has pledged to be a strong J Street ally in Congress. He believes that a two state solution is “the only tenable way to preserve Israel as a Jewish democracy, and the failure to reach such an agreement represents a dire security, economic, and societal threat to Israel’s future. And it can save tens of thousands of Israeli and Palestinian lives.” Baccam believes that “Palestinian leadership must recognize Israel’s right to exist and end all support for terrorism…[and] Israel must respect Palestinian human rights and end its settlement activity in the West Bank.” As a veteran, Baccam understands the importance of US aid to Israel, and also “[agrees] with much of the Israeli security establishment that humanitarian aid to the Palestinians should continue, with protections in place to ensure it cannot be diverted to violent purposes or groups such as Hamas.” He is a strong supporter of a negotiated end to the war, and believes that securing the swift, unconditional release of all hostages held in Gaza must remain an urgent priority.

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