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Tekesha Martinez

  • Primary Approved
  • 6th District, maryland

Tekesha Martinez was born in Hagerstown and grew up as a foster child. She persevered through teen pregnancy and eventually had four daughters and a son who have, and now has seven grandchildren as well. 

In her thirties, Tekesha sought opportunities for community involvement and became a trained community mediator. She went on to win an election for a seat on the city council and was unanimously appointed as the first Black Mayor of Hagerstown when the seat became vacant. She is now running for Congress to bring a fresh perspective and new voices to the table.

According to the Cook Political Report, MD-06 is a likely Democrat seat. Tekesha has received endorsements from Higher Heights for America PAC and National Organization for Women.

Tekesha has pledged that, “In Congress, [she] will strongly promote pluralistic, non-discriminatory liberal democracy and the rule of law in both the United States and Israel. [She] share[s] President Biden’s opposition to Israeli government policies that undermine the shared values and interests that bring our two nations together, including continued settlement expansion in the West Bank and threats to the independence of the Israeli judiciary.” She also believes in “aid to the Palestinian people to reinforce basic human rights and dignity” and “that the Palestinian people are ultimately entitled to a sovereign state in their national homeland.”

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