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Transforming Politics: Keith Ellison Joins Jeremy Ben-Ami

  • 4:30 pm
  • Virtual
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Featured Guests:

  • MN Attorney General Keith Ellison

  • Jeremy Ben-Ami

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Host Committee:

Judd Miner | Nancy Reichman | Fmr. Amb Alan Solomont | Judy Steinberg | Michael Young | Mark Zivin | Victor Kovner | Diana Shaw Clark | Bill Singer | Robert Siegfried | Jon Greenwald | Daniel Casey | Carol Winograd | Peter Frey

In Formation

JStreetPAC is excited to announce our first direct PAC fundraiser for the critical 2024 election cycle. 

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami will sit down with Minnesota Attorney General and former Deputy DNC Chair Keith Ellison to discuss the state of play ahead of 2024. We’ll also discuss our shared struggle to move our priorities forward and defend democratic freedoms at home and in Israel. 

The first Muslim American elected to Congress, Ellison was a proud J Street endorsee and progressive champion during his twelve years in the House. As Minnesota Attorney General, Ellison was responsible for the charging and conviction of police officer Derek Chauvin for the 2020 murder of George Floyd. 

Why are we raising funds for the PAC’s reserve account? Direct PAC contributions allow us to support our champions and candidates who aren’t in the headlines but are doing the work for us on Capitol Hill, both in leadership roles and across the caucuses – and we can direct contributions to priority races in key moments.

By strengthening JStreetPAC together, we’re showing a united political force against right-wing groups who seek to speak for our communities. 

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Chair: $5,000 | Host: $2,500 | Leader: $1,000 | Friend: $500 | Supporter: $250 | Guest: $100

Can’t attend? You can still contribute via the RSVP button. Please contact Josh Binderman at [email protected] with any questions.

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