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Five Reasons to Donate With JStreetPAC

Get more bang for your buck

JStreetPAC supports candidates who are firmly committed to pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy policies.

J Street members can donate to their chosen endorsees through the JStreetPAC website, with their full donation passing through to the campaign and being marked as part of J Street’s movement.

Here’s what makes coming together under the JStreetPAC banner so transformative, and why you should consider making JStreetPAC your home for political giving:

1) Your Full Donation Goes to the Campaign

J Street pays for all overhead and administration. The full amount of your contribution will be swiftly passed through to the campaign you select.

2) Build a Transformative Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace, Pro-Democracy Movement

By pooling our donations, we’re sending a message to both candidates and the entire political system that there is a strong support-base for diplomacy-first, pro-Israel, pro-peace and pro-democracy leadership. Learn about out endorsement criteria.

3) We’re Stronger When We Stand Together

By standing together, we’re showing that we’re stronger than the handful of right-wing mega-donors who fund anti-democratic candidates and who don’t represent the values of the overwhelming majority of Jewish and pro-Israel voters. Your support through JStreetPAC helps show where the vast majority of our community really stands.

4) The Best Place to Give

Give to multiple candidates in one transaction. Set and manage monthly, recurring contributions to chosen campaigns. A responsive member services team for refunds, errors and assistance (Email our team for assistance with any issues).

5) Lower Processing Fees

JStreetPAC has highly competitive payment processing fees.

ActBlue charges a 3.95% fee to campaigns for every transaction. JStreetPAC’s processing fee is just 2.2% + 30c for non AMEX credit or debit cards, 3.5% for AMEX and 0.8% for ACH Direct Debit Bank Transfers capped at $5. There is no processing fee or overhead charged if you elect to mail a check.

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