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Rebecca Cooke

  • Primary Approved
  • 3rd District , wisconsin

Rebecca was born and raised on an Eau Claire dairy farm. She went on to attend the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

At 28, Rebecca started a small retail business in her hometown of Eau Claire she ran for 7 years. Now at 36, she owns a hospitality business, waitresses three nights a week and runs a nonprofit (Red Letter Grant) that supports women-owned businesses throughout 18 counties. To date, the Red Letter Grant has helped 45 businesses get their launch in communities throughout the 3rd CD. As a result of this work, she was appointed by Governor Tony Evers to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. You don't see a lot of people with her background in Congress -- Cooke believes we need more working class people to represent us in DC versus career politicians and radicals.

Rebecca is running for Congress to better serve communities across Wisconsin, put people first and provide more opportunities for success, and will be a relentless fighter for the rural way of life.

Cooke has committed to supporting J Street’s positions in Congress. She believes that “it is now more important than ever for the United States to be involved in not only supporting, and strengthening, our ally but in forging a sustainable, long-term solution to the challenges facing Israelis and Palestinians alike.” Rebecca “[believes] we need to put human suffering on both sides of the conflict at the forefront as we work toward a long-term solution that provides safety, security, and human rights for all peoples in the region.” She has pledged to push for a “long-term resolution that will enable Israel to continue its existence as a Jewish democracy while also ending the ongoing human rights disaster that Palestinians have faced for far too long, in both Gaza and the West Bank.”

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