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Derek Tran

  • Endorsed
  • 45th District , california

Derek Tran is the son of refugees from Vietnam. When he was 18, he enlisted in the Army and took away lessons of working together with people of all political affiliations. 

After his time in the military, Tran went to law school and upon graduating opened a small business in Orange County to fight for immigrants, workers, survivors of sexual harassment, and consumers. 

Derek Tran was asked to serve on the Orange Traffic Commission to address infrastructure and environmental challenges. Now he is running for Congress in California’s 45th district to defeat Republican incumbent, Michelle Steel. He has committed to bringing all of his experience to Congress to fight for better infrastructure, reduced costs of prescription drugs, women's right to choose, and expanded healthcare coverage. 

Derek Tran has committed “do everything in [his] power to support and promote pluralistic, non-discriminatory liberal democracy and the rule of law in both the United States and Israel.” He supports continued military aid to Israel alongside meaningful humanitarian aid to Palestinians. He also supports “a directly negotiated two-state solution that provides for Israel’s security and safety” and opposes unilateral actions that make peace further to achieve.

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