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Understanding Campaign Contribution Limits

Under federal law, political contributions to PACs or candidates for the Presidency, House and Senate are subject to limits per individual donor, per candidate, per campaign.

In the 2023-24 cycle, the campaign contribution limit is $3,300 per election period for candidates and $5,000 for donations to PACs like JStreetPAC.

This means an individual can donate a maximum of $3,300 to a candidate’s primary campaign and $3,300 to a candidate’s general election campaign via JStreetPAC.

Campaigns are permitted to roll an unlimited amount of funds over from their primary campaign to their general election campaign, even if they run unopposed in the primary or a primary is not held for whatever reason. This is just one reason that candidates appreciate contributions early in the political cycle.

In addition to donating to candidates through JStreetPAC, members can donate to JStreetPAC itself – an option every time you go to our checkout screen. JStreetPAC can then hold the funds and direct them to priority races at key moments.


Can I donate twice the cycle limit in one contribution, split across the primary and general campaigns?

Yes. You may donate to a candidate’s primary and general campaigns simultaneously provided the donation is made prior to the primary election day. Successful primary campaigns are permitted to roll-over an unlimited amount of funds into their general campaign in the event of a victory.

What if a candidate loses a primary but I already donated to their general election campaign?

If a candidate accepts contributions for the general election before the primary is held and loses the primary, or does not otherwise participate in the general election, the campaign must refund, redesignate or reattribute the general election contributions within 60 days of the primary date or their withdrawal.

Are contributions reset in the event of a runoff?

Yes. A runoff campaign in either the primary or the general election effectively resets contribution limits.

Do event contributions / fundraiser tickets count toward my limit?

Yes. JStreetPAC directs event contributions to candidate campaigns in full and it counts toward your campaign contribution limit.

What happens if I breach the contribution limit?

Campaign finance teams and PAC finance teams monitor for individuals who exceed their donation limit and will seek to remedy the situation with a notice and refund.

You can check your donation history via our website, though please note we have only recorded contributions following the website launch in February 2023. If you would like to access records prior to that point, please send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be able to assist.

If you fear you may have breached a contribution limit via JStreetPAC, please email us and we will help. Our team is also happy to check if previous donations have been registered as primary or general campaign contributions.

Where can I find out more?

For more information on contribution limits, visit the FEC’s website here.

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