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Aaron Regunberg

  • Endorsed
  • 1st District, rhode island

Aaron Regunberg was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, before moving to Rhode Island to attend Brown University. There, he founded the Providence Student Union, where he led organizing efforts around issues like an ethnic studies department, free bus passes for students, and more. In 2014, Aaron was elected to the Rhode Island state legislature, where he served until 2019. As a State Representative, Aaron introduced and passed progressive legislation raising Rhode Island's tipped minimum wage for the first time in 20 years, established online voter registration, and helped to create new renewable energy programs. 

In 2018, he was 2,000 votes shy of becoming the state’s Lieutenant Governor. Instead, he graduated from Harvard Law School in 2022. The father of a two-year-old, Aaron is running for Congress to protect “all of our children ... from a dangerous future.”

The grandson of Holocaust survivors, Aaron has deep, personal ties to Israel and the Jewish community. Growing up, he “spent multiple summers in Israel, learning Hebrew at an ulpan, working on a kibbutz.” Aaron supports the “longstanding relationship and alliance forged between the US and Israel over the last seven decades,” ans believes that “true friends of Israel must speak out when Israeli government policies undermine the shared values and interests that bring our two nations together.” Aaron believes the United States has an important role to play in facilitating a two state solution, which he sees as the only way forward in the region.

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