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Lori Trahan

  • Endorsed
  • 3rd District , massachusetts

Lori Trahan has represented Merrimack Valley and the Lowell area since 2019.

In the House, Trahan has focused on legislation that directly impacts the needs of her constituents, including bills related to the opioid crisis, college affordability and pipeline safety.

Trahan serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee. She is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the New Democrats Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Trahan is a consistent ally of J Street’s values and priorities in Congress.

In June 2022, she signed onto the Price-Lee-Wexton-Castro letter which pushed back against “flashpoints” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including settlement expansion, annexation and incitement to violence against Israelis and Palestinians. Rep. Trahan was also a signer of a June 2021 letter calling on the US government to lift the Trump administration’s hold on Palestinian aid.

In 2020, Trahan joined 149 members in calling for President Biden to take steps towards a return to the President Obama's Iran deal, which verifiably blocked Iran's path to nuclear weapons. She also voted in favor of a war powers resolution to prevent President Trump from initiating an unauthorized military conflict with Iran.

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