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Emanuel Cleaver

  • Endorsed
  • 5th District, missouri

Representative Emanuel Cleaver has represented the Kansas City area in the House since 2005. A former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, he is a cousin of the late Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver.

Cleaver had a long career in Kansas City politics before entering Congress, having served as a city councilman for 12 years and mayor for 8 years. During his time in office, he has focused on economic development and redevelopment. Cleaver successfully co-authored the largest sweeping reform bill on housing programs in 20 years, the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act, a bipartisan comprehensive housing bill that passed into law with a unanimous vote.

Cleaver is a member of the House Committee on Financial Services, the House Committee on Homeland Security and the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress.

An ordained United Methodist pastor, Rep. Cleaver has been a strong proponent of a two-state solution. He co-sponsored H.R. 326, which reaffirmed Congress’s commitment to the two-state solution and opposed settlement expansion and annexation.

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