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Martin Heinrich

  • Endorsed
  • Senate, new mexico

Clean energy champion Martin Heinrich has served as the senior Senator from New Mexico since 2012.

A keen outdoorsman, Heinrich was one of 14 Senate co-sponsors of the Green New Deal and has been a leading voice on environmental issues and renewable energy.

Senator Heinrich serves as Vice Chair of the Joint Economic Committee, and is a member of the Committees on Intelligence, Appropriations and Energy and Natural Resources. He co-founded the Senate Artificial Intelligence Caucus.

As well as championing progressive causes, Senator Heinrich has led a range of bipartisan efforts in the Senate, including introducing the Secure Elections Act.

Senator Heinrich is a strong J Street ally.

The senator has consistently voiced support for a two-state solution, voted for US security aid to Israel, and opposed unlawful settlement expansion and annexation. He voiced strong support for the Obama Administration’s decision to not oppose UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which deemed Israeli settlements on the West Bank to be illegal.

Senator Heinrich opposed President Trump’s decision to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem, saying he believed that the decision endangered Israel’s security and harmed American interests. The senator also joined a resolution during the Gaza escalation in 2021, led by Senator Sanders, calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Gaza militants.

Heinrich was a vocal supporter of President Obama’s Iran Deal, which verifiably blocked Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. He said that President Trump “handed religious extremists in Iran's government a major victory” by withdrawing from the deal.

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