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Joe Simitian

  • Primary Approved
  • 16th District , california

Joe Simitian is a longtime resident of CA-16 who has served the people of Silicon Valley for decades. On a state level, he has served as a State Assemblyman and State Senator, and on a local level, as Palo Alto’s mayor and as the President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. 

Among his many accomplishments as a State Senator, Simitian authored California’s hands-free cell phone bill. As Supervisor, Simitian is credited with saving the 400 units of affordable housing at the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, and he has proposed the building of affordable teacher housing in Palo Alto for teachers across the county. He also secured passage of a surveillance ordinance, the first of its kind in the United States, requiring that police forces get explicit permission for new surveillance technology. 

Simitian strongly believes that we must “find the path towards a two-state solution, with the Jewish and democratic State of Israel living side-by-side with an independent Palestine…[and that] both the Jewish and Palestinian people deserve self-determination in their indigenous lands.” He also thinks that “the United States, as a friend, is obligated to help both parties sit down together and make the difficult decisions and concessions that can lead to a lasting peace.” Simitian strongly supports President Biden “in his efforts to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza, free the hostages, and in his efforts to find a way to minimize the violence while continuing to recognize Israel’s right to defend itself.” In alignment with these values, Simitian would be an ally to J Street in Congress.

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