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Kirsten Engel

  • Endorsed
  • 6th District, arizona

Kirsten Engel is an environmental lawyer and former state house representative running for Arizona's 6th Congressional District. This Tucson-area seat was considered to be safely Republican, but in recent cycles has trended blue.

Engel shocked the nation by coming within 1.5% of defeating her Republican opponent in 2022 with very little national support. Now, this toss-up district is expected to be a major battleground.

After obtaining her law degree from Northwestern University, Engel worked for the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, as well as the EPA, even filing an amicus brief in the very first case in which the Supreme Court recognized that greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change. She has taught at Tulane, Harvard, and now at the University of Arizona, where she serves as Co-Director of the Environmental Law Program.

In 2016, Engel was elected to the Arizona State House, where she fought Republican attempts to cut education funding, roll back environmental protections, and threaten abortion and voting rights. She resigned in 2021 to focus on her midterm House campaign. 

Engel’s position on the US-Israel relationship is rooted in her recognition of the two nations' shared democratic ideals and common security interests. She strongly supports continued US foreign aid to Israel and humanitarian support for the Palestinian people. Engel believes firmly that the only path to long-term peace in the region is through a two-state solution.

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