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Susheela Jayapal

  • Primary Approved
  • 3rd District, oregon

Susheela Jayapal grew up in India, Indonesia, and Singapore. She attended college in the United States and went on to earn her law degree from the University of Chicago. Early in her career, Jayapal worked as an attorney in a private practice. In 2019, she was elected to the Multnomah County Commission, where she’s been a stalwart advocate for comprehensive solutions to homelessness, including expanding shelter, creating more affordable housing, long term rent assistance, and behavioral health services. 

Susheela Jayapal is now running for the OR-03 open seat to fight for her constituents and values in Congress. OR-03 is a deep blue district based in the Portland area, covering most of Multnomah County and portions of Clackamas County and all of Hood River County.

Jayapal is a strong supporter of the two state solution and US leadership toward a diplomatic agreement to the conflict. As a Member of Congress, she would work to strengthen the US-Israel bond, while speaking out against policies that undermine our shared values. When it comes to aid, Jayapal supports aid “to both Israel and Palestine, recognizing the importance of supporting humanitarian needs and promoting stability for both peoples…aid should not be a blank check; the U.S. should insist on appropriate guard rails, including compliance with international law and with those shared democratic values.” Jayapal's commitment to ensuring Israel's democratic identity while safeguarding Palestinian human rights and their right to self-determination makes will make her a key J Street ally in Congress.

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